How to hide WhatsApp Chat?

How to hide WhatsApp Chat? is a very frequent question used by many people. WhatsApp is arguably the most popular messaging app. It also updates it properly so that features keep adding to it. However, despite its many features, there is still something not available in other applications such as Telegram and Hike – the ability to have a secret chat or hide certain conversations from prying eyes.

How to hide WhatsApp Chat?

A lot of times you want to hide some of your WhatsApp chats and don’t want to see them at the top of your chat list. Well, you can easily do that on WhatsApp. The messaging app allows you to hide chats and this feature is called ‘Archive’.

If you don’t know how to hide chat, don’t delete chat or make a backup from your SD card. Chats on WhatsApp will be hidden. Keep reading to learn more about this feature.

While WhatsApp recently introduced a fingerprint lock for its Android app and offers Touch ID and Face ID lock for the iPhone, there is no way to lock or hide a specific chat. However, we can use a built-in feature to hide the chat from the home screen.

How to hide WhatsApp Chat on Android?

  • Long press on any chat and an archive () box will appear at the top of the WhatsApp app.
  • Tap on this box to hide chats.

Note: Archived individual or group chats will be saved when you receive a new message from that person or group chat. You will not receive notifications for archived chats until you have been mentioned or replied to.

How to hide WhatsApp Chat on iPhone?

  • Open WhatsApp and find the chat you want to hide.
  • Now, swipe right on the chat and click on the “Archive” button.
  • The chat is now saved and will no longer appear in your chat list.

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