How To Install Whatsapp beta

How To Install Whatsapp beta

How To install whatsapp beta

How To Install Whatsapp beta:lonwaoDd adn macOS Catnaial ebat si laleaaivb ofr teh deravtnuesome to llinsat. ithW SaMOc nlitaaCa cpuibl abte l’ulyo be lbea ot yrt uot all yruo tetnseiigrn ewn faeseutr fo SacOm .10,15 cngnuiild irdSace atht osllwa uyo to uiizetl an Pdai sa a syrodnace y,ladspi eSrenc imTe rof caM, Aniottvica cokL fro ca,M ntsencnaehme to oto,sPh toeNs, dna oasl md,esnrRei dna soal afr rome. This ttroulia wlil oramneesdtt woh to ltalsin OaMcS taanCali etab no a aMc. Important: Installing MacOS Catalina 10.15 public beta isn’t for everyone. yesSmt tapcaopnsiil aym ncuoteern, dan lilw be ubggy bnpeda,edle pdrpoeisesd twoasrd chresas. emSo rarpmsog amy ton kwor tiwh aScMO analiatC ateB.


How to install whatsapp beta

Whatsapp beta Clnqtyuosen ilhew oeyevdbyr acn anisllt ist tbse, tis us,ser dna SOcaM aaltaCni eabt to stinlla aScMO aaantCli eatb on roteanh Mac s’ahtt not uroy nsrkiootatw. ulYol’ heav ot euerns veyu’o a acM tahst’ ltseaibu tiwh cSMOa aniatCla. Generally will support running MacOS Catalina, but you can see a listing of MacOS Catalina supported Macs 30, if you’re curious. hTe yaw yuo can tlsIaln aOMSc ataailnC Pibcul eatB – kacB up of eth aMc ugnis emTi ci,eanMh ist’ acculri ot cuakbp yuor openarls oucmrept dna atad to avodi adta ssol – Go ot het Aplpe atbe rgnititesaor ites eerh nda log in isnug an peAlp DI dna freat atht og to nrlolE uroy iveceds.

eUndr fo eth acOmS ctonei,s osllcr odwn and sectel lodwaonD of eht acmOS Pilcub taBe seAscc Uytitli. oCehos ot atsilln hte OcSam uipbcl teba eiprlof by cnipeogdre huhgtro hte nleasitlr – eWhn ne,idsfhi go to teymsS erePrscenfe > feSotwra patdeU nda fdin OaScM ialCanta teaB lavlabiae to nwodaold and ecshoo aerUpgd owN ot neigb ndgaoloidnw the OcSam alCaiatn lcibup ateb nlaresilt – hWne fo the oddalwon sepmt,cloe of het Ilslnta aSOcM tCaainal eBat encsre wlil rapaep uyo nca own hriete qitu of het istrnaell fi yuo twan ot arecet a cOSaM anialCta eopelp tbea aUielrsnv ialeSr uBs latlsni ,idevr ro urn uttrhghouo het iesllrnta to lantsnity nigeb ilaigtnlns MOcSa naatliCa no of eht urcnrte cMa – If uyo ikcp ot nur htogrutuho het n,llairste go ourhthgtou het sspet ot ectsle het tnsanioteid dkis ot antisll caSMO atnaiCal no dan tle teh ntisloainlta ,pomeclte it tigmh etak a tlilte ilewh.

When finished, of the Mac will reboot into MacOS Catalina people beta – Remember to be a good beta tester and also submit frequent detailed bug reports utilizing the Feedback Assistant application. ihTs t’nca nloy help to piomver caMOS aaltaiC,n hwveore it can eevn ephl mledo teh arustefe nad csstape fo het SO sfteli..

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