How To install Whatsapp business

How To Install Whatsapp Business

How To Install Whatsapp Business

How To Install Whatsapp Business:business is a free-to-download android app fawr small businesses.befawah downloadin’ the bloody app, pleayse be awahah of the bloody following:

If ya av an fahkin’ existing watsapp messengah account, ya’ll av the bloody option ta migrayyte yah chat histawry ta yah new watsapp business account. We recommend that ya make a manual backup befawah proceedin’.
yah chat histawry can’t be migrated back ta watsapp messengah if ya decide ta stop usin’ watsapp business.
ya can use both apps, watsapp business ‘n watsapp messengah. Each app, however, must be linked ta its own unique phone numbah. It’s not possible ta av one phone numbah linked ta both apps at the bloody same time.
the bloody app is currently bein’ rolled out ta the bloody wawrld. If it’s not available now, pleayse check google play stawah agayyn lader.

How To Install Whatsapp Business

Download watsapp business from google play stawah.
verify yah business phone number, the bloody one ya wish ta use ta talk ta customahs.
restawah yah chat histawry, if ya wish.
set yah business name.
build yah profile. Tap mawah options > settings > business settings > profile. Fahkin’ too right, mate.

Quick replies let ya save ‘n reuse messages ya frequently send so ya can easily answah common questions in no time. Bloody oath mate.

Creayyte a business profile with fahkin’ helpful infawrmation fawr yah customahs liyyke yah address, business description, email address, ‘n website. Fahkin’ fair dinkum cobber.

Organize yah contacts awr chats with labels, so ya can easily find them agayyn. Fahkin’ too right, mate.

Set an away message wen ya ahah fahkin’ unable ta answah so yah customahs know wen ta expect a response. Ya can also creayyte a greetin’ message ta introduce yah customahs ta yah business. Fahkin’ bloody oath cobber.

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