How To Install Whatsapp Gb Android

How To Install Whatsapp Gb Android

How To Install Whatsapp Gb Android

How To Install Whatsapp Gb

Ta be able ta install gbwhatsapp on yah phone, you’ll need ta cahrry out the bloody followin’ processin’ completin’ each one of these steps:

  • step 1: in the bloody first place, we recommend ya ta make a backup of yah conversations on watsapp due ta securichoo reasons. Ya can do so from the bloody application, from the bloody settings > chats > backups > save menu. Ya can stawah the bloody backup on yah phone awr on google drive.
  • step 2: now it’s time ta download the bloody gbwhatsapp apk file. Ya won’t find it on google play so you’ll av ta download it from our web. At the bloody bottom of this tutawrial you’ll find a green download button ta do so. Previously, you’ll need ta access the bloody settings menu of yah android device ‘n from the bloody securichoo options, enable the bloody possibilichoo ta download ‘n install files from unknown sources so ya can install apks from stawres fahkin’ different ta google play.
  • step 3: once downloaded, simply open the bloody apk file. Ya can do so from the bloody android notifications tray awr from yah device’s download foldah.
  • step 4: ya hit the bloody install button in the bloody bottom right cawrnah of yah screen.
  • step 5: once the bloody installation ‘as finished, ya only av ta open the bloody app straightaway from the bloody notification message awr seahrch fawr its icon in yah app tray.
  • step 6: regisder yah phone numbah. Beahr in mind that if you’ah already usin’ the bloody official watsapp version with the bloody same number, the bloody fahkin’ latter will stop wawrkin’. If you’ve got a second operational numbah ‘n ya configah it in this app, ya can use two fahkin’ different watsapp accounts, therefawre, ya won’t need ta remove the bloody official watsapp ta use this mod.
    installin’ gbwhatsapp is as easy as installin’ any othah app. Configurin’ the bloody phone numbah is also exactly the bloody same as in the bloody official version. The bloody only thin’ ya av ta beahr in mind is that ya can’t use the bloody same numbah with the bloody official client ‘n the bloody mod at the bloody same time but ya can use two accounts provided that they ahah associated ta fahkin’ different numbers. Fahkin’ fair dinkum mate.

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