How To Install Whatsapp Web Android

How To Install Whatsapp Web Android

How To Install Whatsapp Web Android

How To Install Whatsapp Web Android

How To Install Whatsapp Web Android:How ta install web watsapp on yah compuder
yah watsapp account plays ‘n impawrtant role in yah life. Especially yah mobile life 🙂 but wy limit self ta yah mobile? wat if the bloody battery is about ta die ‘n ya really need ta send out a few emojis???? not a problem – ya can still continue chattin’ viah yah compuder. Just use watsapp web.

in this ahrticle we will explayyn ya how ta install web watsapp in yah compuder. Fair dinkum mate.

The bloody watsapp account on yah smahrtphone ‘n yah watsapp web account ahah the bloody same account. That means that all messages ‘n pictures ya av send ‘n receive ahah fahkin’ visible on both devices – automatically. No need fawr manual uploads awr any such ‘assle. Fahkin’ too right, cobber.

Befawah ya get stahrted, make sah you’ve got the bloody followin’ ready:

  • An active watsapp account on yah smahrtphone.
  • A stable internet connection – both on yah smahrtphone ‘n yah computer!.
  • The bloody most fahkin’ recent version of chrome, firefox, opera, safahri awr edge as yah web browsah Too right, mate.


How ta install watsapp web in 3 steps:
installin’ watsapp web is really easy:open watsapp on yah smahrtphone ‘n
android: go ta the bloody chats screen -> menu -> watsapp web.
iphone: go ta settings -> watsapp web.
scan the bloody qr code that is shown on yah compuder with yah smahrtphone.
in yah smahrtphone, ya can go ta watsapp web ta see the bloody computers wich av open sessions of web watsapp awr if ya want ta close the bloody session on any device. Fahkin’ bloody oath cobber.

That’s it! supah easy! ya don’t even need ta remembah yah watsapp access datah (honestly, dya remembah yours?) – everythin’ is done automatically.

by the bloody way, it is recommended that ya use watsapp web with a wifi connection ta avoid high datah usage chahrges. Too right, cobber.

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