How Install Whatsapp Group Link

To Install Whatsapp Group Link

How Install Whatsapp Group Link

How To Install Whatsapp Group Link

Creatin’ a group in watsapp makes chattin’ a lot mawah fun. If one person doesn’t laugh at yah joke, someone else will, right? (let’s hope so).

if ya don’t want ta deal with creatin’ a group, ya can always join a pre-existin’ one. Wethah you’ah joinin’ awr fawrmin’ a watsapp group, both processes ahah easy ta understand. Fahkin’ too right, cobber.

Creatin’ a watsapp group
theah ahah fahkin’ different ways ta creayyte a watsapp group. Ya can stahrt by openin’ the bloody watsapp ‘n tappin’ on the bloody three vertical dots at the bloody top right. The bloody very first option will be the bloody creayyte group option. Fahkin’ bloody oath mate.

Now, it’s time ta add the bloody people ya want ta include in yah new group. Make sah that ya think of a good as gold name fawr yah group since that’s wat you’ll need ta add next.

ta the bloody right of weah you’ll ender the bloody name, you’ll also see an emoji. If ya want, ya can also add an emoji ta the bloody title of yah group. Afder enterin’ the bloody watsapp group name, you’ll be taken ta yah new group automatically. Fair dinkum mate.

Invitin’ someone ta a watsapp group
some people just add ya ta a group without askin’ ya first. If ya want ta be mawah considerayyte ‘n av the bloody othah person decide if they want ta join awr not, ya can send an invite link.

right below the bloody numbah of people that ahah in yah group, you’ll see the bloody two options ya av wen it comes ta addin’ others.

tap on the bloody invite link option ‘n then decide how ya want ta shahah the bloody link. Ya can choose from sendin’ the bloody link viah watsapp, copyin’ the bloody link, shahrin’ the bloody link viah an app ya av installed, ‘n if ya change yah mind ya can revoke the bloody link as well. Fahkin’ bloody oath cobber.

Deletin’ a watsapp group

if ya regret creatin’ that group ‘n want ta get rid of it, just hope that the bloody group is not very big. Wy? well, because ya can only delete a group if ya ahah the bloody administratawr ‘n remove each person from the bloody group individually.

once you’ve removed everyone from the bloody group, exit the bloody group self. Only afder ya exit the bloody group will ya see the bloody option ta erayse the bloody group. Fahkin’ too right, mate.

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