Top Latest Upcoming Whatsapp Features

Top Latest Upcoming Whatsapp Features:WhatsApp introduced a number of new capabilities in 2019, however, most of these features have not yet reached the instant messaging platform, such as dark mode, self-destructive messages, face release for Android, etc. However, there are high chances that these features may arrive in 2020.

Top Latest Upcoming Whatsapp Features


Dark Mode

If there is a WhatsApp feature that humans have been waiting for in the long term, then it is the dark mode that has long been below its development section now. In addition to carrying with it an aesthetically pleasing dark design factor, the dark mode also provides the overall user experience by improving readability, reducing eye fatigue and improving the overall battery intake in the tool, among others.

The dark mode of WhatsApp will have three alternatives and, as it is published, the textual content may turn white and the background will turn black. WhatsApp has launched a series of features for the instant messaging application in the past year that includes new placeholders for the dark mode along with a new VoIP screen with dark elements.Top Latest Upcoming Whatsapp Features

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Security Face Unlock

WhatsApp launched security features for WhatsApp, including the fingerprint scanner. The application could launch another security function in 2020, namely the facial release function that could paint similarly to the facial release on our phones. However, there is not much information about this selection yet.Top Latest Upcoming Whatsapp Features.

Last seen for select friends

Last visible has been in WhatsApp for a long time. However, you could not restrict the function to a few people selected in your WhatsApp Contacts. But, WhatsApp can allow secure users to see the latest in the application in the next year.Top Latest Upcoming Whatsapp Features

Self-destructive disappearing messages Delete messages

WhatsApp introduced this function for the first time, in October, while it was called “self-destruct” or “disappearance” messages. However, the function was renamed to “delete messages” the remaining month of November. The characteristic would be to have it within the contact details or the configuration of the institution and it helps you to mark your WhatsApp chat as “deleted” by allowing the option “Delete messages”, in Group information. Once you touch the “Delete messages” option, you can choose the expiration time of the message that includes 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, etc. This is different from self-destructive messages where the restricted time includes 5 seconds, 1 hour, etc.Top Latest Upcoming Whatsapp Features

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