Whatsapp Business 2.19.131 Latest Download

Whatsapp Business 2.19.131 Latest Download

Whatsapp Business 2.19.131 Latest Download


OS                                                                                                 Android

Lisence                                                                                        FreeWare

Version                                                                                         2.19.131

File Size                                                                                        37MB

Last Update                                                                                  10/12/2019

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Whatsapp Business 2.19.131 Latest Download:WhatsApp Business has been introduced to tiny businesses. this enablestiny businesses to speakhigher with their customers. WhatsApp Business’s separate application was introduced in September 2017 for humanoid users solely. Last month it absolutely was introduced to iOS users in some countries.
Now WhatsApp has confirmed that this application has been introduced to iOS users everywherethe planet.
IOS, Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, India, Mexico, UK and USA users willlike it at once, whereas users in different countries are going to beable to use it presently.
In distinction to the quality application of the WhatsApp, WhatsApp provides additional advanced options to businesses, likeautomatic instant reply, Tahnit, and Facebook courier. Details regarding your physical store address, work hours and social media accounts square measureadditional. in keeping with the WhatsApp application, shopperssquare measureincreasing their business.

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You can additionally name your cluster, mute or customise notifications, and more.Message your friends and family for free*. WhatsApp uses your phone’s netaffiliation to send messages thusyou’ll be able to avoid SMS fees.Keep in bit with the teamsof individuals that matter the foremost, like your family or coworkers.With voice calls, you’ll be able tosit down with your friends and family for free*,even if they are in another country. And with free* video calls, you’ll be able to have face-to-face conversations for once voice or text simplyis not enough. WhatsApp voice and video calls use your phone’s netaffiliation, rather than your cell plan’s voice minutes, thusyou do notneed to worry regardingvaluableoccupation charges.

Some of your most personal moments square measure shared on WhatsApp, that is why we tend todesigned end-to-end encoding into the most recent versions of our app. once end-to-end encrypted, your messages and calls square measure secured thussolely you and also the person you arehuman action with willscan or hear them, and no-one in between, not even WhatsApp.To send your full location, faucet on the arrow on the left and choose Share Location. you’ll be able to send your nearest business or your current location.As presently as you permit a message on the WhatsApp, a white mark seemsahead of it, which implies that the message are going to be received by you as presentlybecause it is received on the opposite phone. the 2 symbols canseem.
Second, as presentlybecause the message is scaneach the tick marks canflip blue.

Whatsapp Business Download

Selecting the message for full time and tapping on the clockmark at the top will let you know when the message is read and read. In addition, swiping the message to the left can also detect the time of sending and reading the message.Go to Settings, Account, Privacy, Last Seen and select the option. If you do not want anyone to see the last time you checked the message, you will not be able to see anyone’s Last Seen time.To delete one or more messages, tap on a message and press Delete, press Trash can. do.
To delete the full chat history, go to Settings and tap on Clear All Chats.

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