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Whatsapp Lock Download For Android

Download Whataspp Lock For Android

Whatsapp Lock Download For Android

Whatsapp Lock Download For Android:WhatsApp features are for group administrators and members. An important feature of these is that the admin can no longer remove another admin from the group created by him.

Here is a description of the new features introduced in the WhatsApp. Group descriptions: Group descriptions and other information about group descriptions are now possible.

Now any new user who is a member of the group will see this information at the top of the chat.
Group ketchup: If you are not active in the group, tapping on the new @ button will show you all the messages that you have Mansion.
More options for admins: Now an administrator can remove other admin options, but importantly, the group founder options can no longer be removed by another admin.

As a group administrator you can determine who can change the group’s subject, image or information.
Search function; With the new search function, participants can search for a specific person in the group.

Remember that the new WhatsApp functions are for groups only. The WhatsApp group plays a vital role in the lives of more than one billion users of WhatsApp. Each user on the WhatsApp is a member of one or more groups.
These new features will be released soon for Android and iOS.

According to reports, Facebook has introduced the feature to share directly to WhatsApp in the Sharing menu for a select number of users. Many users are seeing this feature in their application.

When Facebook users share a post on Facebook, they use one of the available options, including Share Now (Friends), Share on a Friend’s Timeline, Share to a Page and Share Post in Message. Some Beta testers have added another option to Send to WhatsApp, while the rest of the users will be able to use this feature soon.
Sharing can still be done on Facebook through WhatsApp, but with this new feature, users will be able to use this feature with less time and less taps.

Whatsapp Lock Download For Android

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