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Whatsapp Lock Download For Android

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License                                                                                   FreeWare

Language                                                                                English

OS                                                                                           Android

Version                                                                                    4.5.3

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Whatsapp Lock Download For Android:Whatsapp lock Android protect your Whatsapp Messages.WhatsApp Lock adds another security barrier to your phone, except the screen lock that you could simply have organized. It will not be possible to access WhatsApp unless you classify a PIN of more than four digits, and you can jointly customize the amount of time before the device is mechanically locked so that the user should not place it inside the PIN every time he / she leave the device.

WhatsApp options area unit for directors and cluster members. A vital feature of these is that the administrator will now not remove another administrator from the cluster created by him.

Here you can find a description of the new options introduced in WhatsApp. Cluster descriptions: cluster descriptions and different information on the unit area of ​​cluster descriptions currently potential.

Now, any new user who is a member of the cluster can see this information in the highest part of the chat.
Group tomato sauce: if it is not active within the cluster, the sound in the new button @ can show you all the messages that Mansion simply has.Whatsapp Lock Download For Android
More options for administrators: Currently, the Nursing Associate administrator will eliminate the different administrator options, however, significantly, the options of the founder of the cluster will now not be eliminated by another administrator.

As group administrator {you | may | may} confirm that WHO can modify the theme, image or information of the group.
Search performed; With the new search function, participants will search for a particular person within the group.

Remember that the new unit of functions area of ​​WhatsApp only for computers. The WhatsApp cluster plays an important role in the lives of almost one billion WhatsApp users. All WhatsApp users can be members of 1 or additional teams.
These new options are currently free for humanoids and iOS.

According to reports, Facebook has introduced the feature to share on WhatsApp within the Share menu for a variety of users. Several users of the area unit see this feature in their application.

When Facebook users share a post on Facebook, they use one of all the accessible options, such as Share now (Friends), Share on a friend’s timeline, Share on a page, and Share post on message. Some Beta testers have added an alternative option to Send to WhatsApp, while the rest of the users can currently use this feature.
Sharing will continue to be done on Facebook through WhatsApp, however, with this new feature, users can use this feature with less time and fewer taps. . Attend Settings to disable this feature, then Account, then Privacy to see the latest: here {you | may | You can choose who can understand your last view.Whatsapp Lock Download For Android. This function is disabled from here, however, be careful, when you disable the function you may not be able to see the last seen of your friends. If you have modified your range, you can simply modify your WhatsApp range.
Go to Settings for this. Then attend Accounts, then modify the range and follow the instructions.


  • Lock the Whatsapp By Means Of A Pin
  • Automatic Lock Time configure
  • Low Resources Usage
  • Activate  front camera each time the PIN is punched.

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