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Whatsapp Messenger Download

Whatsapp Messenger Download

Whatsapp Messenger Download
Whatsapp Messenger Download

Whatsapp Messenger Download:According to WhatsApp BetaInfo, a WhatsApp account may be used on many devices in the future. Currently, a WhatsApp account can only be used on one device as it is linked to the user’s telephone number. ۔
The new function allows the WhatsApp to be used on multiple devices at the same time, such as the iPhone and iPad or iOS and Android devices.
In addition, the WhatsApp can be used on a computer without linking to a smart phone.
Messages sent or received from this feature will appear on all devices. WhatsApp BetaInfo claims that WhatsApp is also improving end-to-end encryption.
WhatsApp Beta Info does not currently have solid evidence indicating that WhatsApp is working on this feature.
However, the website says that according to their information WhatsApp is working on this feature.
The WhatsApp Beta Info website provides information about the features usually included on the WhatsApp in the early stages of development. These reports are often accurate. This website reported the integration of WhatsApp into Facebook and the introduction of WhatsApp to KIOS, which proved to be true.


How to preserve image quality while sending it on WhatsApp:WhatsApp is currently the world’s most popular messaging application. With the WhatsApp, users can share their photos, videos, documents and other files with friends and family.
With WhatsApp, users can send numerous pictures at a time, but one disadvantage of sending photos in this way is that their quality is greatly affected. Photos made from high resolution and expensive cameras are also sent from the WhatsApp so your friends get them in normal quality.
However, there are some ways users can maintain their quality while sending pictures.
Here are two easy ways to send high quality photos in the WhatsApp:

1:Removing the file:

This method is usually best for sending one or a few high quality images via the WhatsApp.
For him
Open your file manager and find the file you want to send in high quality.

Rename this file to image.doc, ie .doc the extension for this file
Then open the chat with the person you want to send the photo to in the WhatsApp.
Select the option to send the file via attachment, and with the help of the document, select the image that has now been converted to the document.
Tell the person you sent the picture to by renaming the image with the file manager you have.

2:Compress several files:If you want to send many high quality files then for that
Compress folders or photos of high quality images in your phone with the file manager or compression utility.
Send this compress file as an attachment to your friend.
Tell your friend to de-compress this compress file
This way you can send many files to your friend in high quality simultaneously.

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