Whatsapp New Version Download

Whatsapp New Version Download

Whatsapp New Version Download

Last Updated                                                              August 2,2019

License:                                                                         freeware

OS:                                                                                 Android

File Size:                                                                          33.9

User Rating:                                   1393 votes Rate this 5 (Best) 4 3 2 1(Worst)

Version                                                                            2.19.336

Whatsapp New Version Download:WhatsApp traveleris out there for iPhone, robot and Windows Phone, and yes, those phones will all message every other! as a result of WhatsApp traveler uses identicalwebknowledgeset upthat you simply use for email and internet browsing, there’s no value to message and keepto beartogether with your friends.

In addition to basic electronic messaging WhatsApp users willproduceteams, send one another unlimited pictures, video and audio media messages.

The Tse app is that thepreferredelectronic messaging application within the world however it still lacks severalnecessaryoptionslikewire applications.

one in every of these options is in Dark Mode. The WhatsApp has been functioning on Dark Mode since Sep last year. a number of highlights of the dark mode have additionally been disclosed for the WhatsApp for iOS. And currentlythe corporate has started adding this feature to the app.

WhatsApp launches Dark Mode experiments in robot beta version a pair of.19.82. However, this feature continues to bewithin the development section.
It has not been freeto all or any users nevertheless. a number of screen shots of Dark Mode have additionally been disclosed on robot. however these screenshots weren’t of the chat screen. this might be as a result of WhatsApp has simplyfree the Dark Mode for setting page solely.

Hopefully WhatsApp canunleash it to all or any applications presently. Also, the Dark mode on robot is somewhat completely different from the Dark mode in iOS.
In dark mode the text color of the WhatsApp application are going to be white whereas the background color are going to be black. Its location cancreate it easier to use the appliance.


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