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Whatsapp QR Code Download

Download The Whatsapp Qr Code Free

Whatsapp QR Code Download

Whatsapp QR Code Download: is experimenting with a new feature that will allow users to add people to their contact list using QR codes.
According to reports, this feature is included in the test version of WhatsApp for iOS but will be included for Android users as well.
According to reports, each user will have his own shareable QR code. You will be able to scan any user’s code from the phone’s camera and add it to your contact list.
The WhatsApp will automatically add all the details upon scanning.
Customers can also delete their QR code. After which no one will be able to use this code. The WhatsApp is also changing its interface, after which users will be able to scan the code directly from the application.
This means that WhatsApp users can add any contact to the WhatsApp without adding it to the phone’s contact number list.

Both Snap Chat and Instagram use QR codes called snap codes and half tags. This method is also popular with WeChat users. This is also not new to WhatsApp users. WhatsApp users can use desktop version by scanning QR code.
This feature will be very useful for small businesses. They will be able to put stickers of their code on the packing of their products so that consumers can easily contact them.

It is not yet clear when this feature will be released to consumers.A company spokeswoman confirmed that they would like to be more specific about their product as they are part of Facebook.
Facebook also wants to be popular by renaming popular products, which may in fact be the opposite. When it comes to any product, when there is a privacy scandal, there will be criticism on Facebook as well. By changing the names of Oats and Instagram, Facebook can also benefit and damage its reputation

Whatsapp Qr code Download

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