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Whatsapp Tracker Download Free

Whatsapp Tracker Download Free:A new feature has been added to the latest beta version of the WhatsApp. This feature is also a bit controversial. With this feature WhatsApp users will be able to share their status on Facebook Story. However, users’ WhatsApp account will not be linked to Facebook ID. The company says it will use Android and iOS’s standard data sharing API for status sharing.Whatsapp Tracker Download Free.

This means that WhatsApp users will also be able to share their status on other apps like Instagram, Gmail and Google Photos, etc. When users share their status on other Facebook-owned apps like Instagram, according to the company Both of these apps will have separate events listed, which will not be interconnected.

The sharing option in the WhatsApp will appear below the status.

This feature will be first released to WhatsApp’s beta users.
Remember that the feature on Facebook is the same as the WhatsApp status. Here also your posted status and photos only appear for 24 hours. WhatsApp status has to be shared automatically in other apps, it is not automatically shared.
50 million users use the WhatsApp status feature daily. Next year WhatsApp will also show ads in the United States.

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging application but it still lacks many important features like telegram application. One of these features is in Dark Mode. The WhatsApp has been working on Dark Mode since September last year. A few highlights of the dark mode have also been revealed for the WhatsApp for iOS.

WhatsApp launches Dark Mode experiments in Android beta version 2.19.82. However, this feature is still in the development phase.
It has not been released to all users yet. A few screen shots of Dark Mode have also been revealed on Android. But these screenshots were not of the chat screen. This may be because WhatsApp has just released the Dark Mode for setting page only. Hopefully WhatsApp will release it to all applications soon. Also, the Dark mode on Android is somewhat different from the Dark mode in iOS.

In dark mode the text color of the WhatsApp application will be white while the background color will be black. Its location will make it easier to use the application in the dark.

Whatsapp Tracker Download Free

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