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Whatsapp Update Download

Whatsapp Update Download in New Version

Whatsapp Update Download

Whatsapp Update Download:Over the last few years, WhatsApp has evolved quite a bit and added more than a few new features that make our everyday messaging experience smoother. Sure, it looks the same as it always has but little tweaks like adding stickers, voice-to-text messaging, and improved voice notes have turned WhatsApp into a messaging beast.

One such update that has really made a difference has been adding the ability to preview received messages in the notifications bar of your phone. Whenever you receive a text message on WhatsApp you can read a preview of it in your system notifications without having to open the app.

Again, it was a small change but in practice, it made a big difference. WhatsApp is now running tests on extending this feature to voice notes as well as text messages.

WhatsApp voice notes have become one of WhatsApp’s most-loved features and recently we’ve seen them updated. The “Consecutive voice notes” update saw multiple voice notes playing automatically, one after the other, once the user has pressed play on the first message. Voice notes now look set to get another update, although this update will offer something different to consecutive play.

That’s all there is with this one for now. There is nothing on whether the feature will come to Android, too. And like with all leaks from the beta, there is no guarantee the feature will even land on iOS. This is just a very early leak on a feature that likely still has some development ahead of it before it’ll land on the regular app.

It is an interesting feature, however, which could make our lives easier should it land, and that’s why we thought you’d like to hear about it now. Stick with us for all the latest WhatsApp news and rumors.

Whatsapp Update Download

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