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Whatsapp Web Android Download

Download Whatsapp Android For Web

Whatsapp Web Android Download

Whatsapp Web Android Download:After a long wait, finally the feature that allows WhatsApp to be used on mobile as well as computer using internet browser, is available only to those people who are on Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry. In fact, this is a WhatsApp client on your mobile phone. It is important to use the WhatsApp in your mobile.

You must have the latest version of WhatsApp installed on your mobile to use this service.

You can then log in by scanning a QR Code from the WhatsApp site from your mobile. This web client can be used with the Google Chrome browser. Click here to scan the QR code and use the web client.

WhatsApp founder Jan Koum says no such feature has been introduced for iOS since the Apple platform was limited.

WhatsApp has updated the WhatsApp on the Web. Some new features have been introduced. Users are given more control over their chat and group chat in the browser.
The WhatsApp first launched the web interface in January (details on this page). With the web interface, users can also use WhatsApp on a desktop or laptop.

In the web interface, previously simple functions could be used. Now some more features have been added. In the web interface, profile photos can now be edited, status messages can be written and a few other things can be done.
Chat running from the setting icon can be deleted and archived. Group chat can be muted, archived or deleted through the web client. In addition to this, a few keyboard shortcuts have also been introduced.

WhatsApp will soon release all Messenger. WhatsApp is rolling out new features to consumers on a daily basis. Now WhatsApp introduces the document sharing feature for WebClient version (click here to visit WebClient version).

This feature allows users to share files of type CSV, DOC, DOCX, PDF, PPT, PPTX, RTF, XLS and XLSX.
A few days ago WhatsApp introduced a desktop application for users (click here to download the desktop application) by clicking on the attachment button at the top right of the chat in the application and selecting Documents. Can be shared

Whatsapp Web Android Download

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