YCWhatsapp Download For Android

YCWhatsapp Download For Android:YC WhatsApp is a WhatsApp MOD that, amongst other functions, lets in us to customize the interface of the messaging application with an appearance just like Instagram

App Detail

App NameYC Whatsapp
Ratings           4.3
File Size21MB
Last Update5 Months Ago


Many users are aware that WhatsApp lacks a lot of great capabilities, however they use it because it is the easiest app to install messaging and chat app where they can really find everything in their contacts. Are Therefore, they prefer to switch to Telegram or Line Download MOD to enhance the functionality and functionality of the original app. Download YC Whatsapp-for Android

And within the growing number of WhatsApp MODS long lists, we have to count, among many others, this YC WhatsApp, which has to provide us with a completely new visual component that our Messenger Brings us to another successful social platform: Instagram.

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  • Improved control over privacy settings.
  • Inspired by Instagram screenshots and user interface.
  • Long WhatsApp transmissions and stories can be shared.
  • Integrated pointer settings
  • Change all aspects of the user interface, along with icons, fonts and font sizes.
  • Downloaded stickers and emojis.
  • You can download Country.
  • Edit text fonts
  • Resize text content.
  • Get extra emoji in your messages.
  • Customize the application icon.
  • Write long cases.
  • Come up with an animated Instagram photo.
  • Send a heavy video.
  • New signal control.
  • Download stories to your phone.
  • Share stories with unlimited time.
  • Convert message text to selected text content.

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