1000+ Best WhatsApp Group Names Collection 2023

Have you ever found it difficult to pick a perfect name for your WhatsApp group? Most people can easily create groups on WhatsApp however most challenging part comes when you need to give the group a suitable name that everyone likes.
For your convenience, here we have provided you with a huge collection of interesting and unique WhatsApp Group Names for friends, family, classmates, or work. etc. You can also get help with this guide for the procedure to change your group name.

WhatsApp Group Names

WhatsApp Group Names

Get your WhatsApp group a new identity by changing its name. Pick any name for your WhatsApp groups from the huge collection given here. The group names are categorized, so make sure to not miss any name from below:

Group Names for Friends

If you are going to make a WhatsApp group with your friends then you can select the following beautiful group names for friends:

  1. Freaky Friends Hack
  2. Greenish Gang
  3. Online Hangover
  4. Quick and Five
  5. Shopping hoodlums
  6. Little Moons
  7. Visionaries
  8. We Talk A Lot
  9. We Tie Until We Die
  10. Fab 5
  11. The Back Benchers
  12. Six Spoons
  13. The Queen Bees
  14. Alleged Engineers
  15. Tattle Queens
  16. Perfect emotional
  17. Higher Drifters
  18. TopGear Boys Kings
  19. Shotgun Boys Kings
  20. Linear Boys Kings
  21. Amazing Boys Attitude
  22. Quick Boys Attitude
  23. Professional Crazy Friends
  24. Crazy Friends Lessons
  25. Bingo Bikers
  26. Valley Racers
  27. Freaky Fun Room
  28. People I love
  29. Lions
  30. Fabulous Three

Group Names for Family

You can use the following WhatsApp group names for the family:

  1. 24-Hour Drama Club
  2. Happy Family
  3. Spoke Folks
  4. A Cuddle of Pandas
  5. Home Sweet Home
  6. The [insert the last name] Bunch
  7. All in the Family
  8. The Branches
  9. Blood Relatives
  10. Married With Kids
  11. The Cool Gang
  12. Each One Matters
  13. Yes, We are family
  14. We share the blood
  15. Family Bush
  16. Fantastic Family
  17. Munchy Ties
  18. Chatty Familia
  19. We are unique
  20. It’s Us Again
  21. We Stick Together
  22. Modern Family
  23. At The Table
  24. Strong ties
  25. Dad is Don
  26. It’s Our Blood
  27. The Fantastic Four
  28. Always Rocking
  29. Life Is Beautiful
  30. Cool Ties

Group Names for Girls

For your perfect girl’s gang, we have suggested some unique names for your Best WhatsApp group names for girls.

  1. Just Bold Ladies
  2. Power Puff Girls
  3. Recycle Bin
  4. The Public Square
  5. WhatsApp Girls on a Roll
  6. Beauty in Grace
  7. The Queen Bees
  8. Heart Catchers
  9. The Now Married
  10. Blank Head
  11. Gossips launch
  12. Hippie Chicks
  13. Women of Wisdom
  14. Gossip Queens
  15. Queens Lounge
  16. Charlie’s Angels
  17. the Angel squad
  18. Mean girls
  19. gossip girls
  20. girls Galaxy
  21. the Desert Roses
  22. Bold ladies
  23. pink poodles
  24. Party girls
  25. Flower power
  26. innocent girls
  27. leading ladies
  28. The golden girls
  29. Firebirds
  30. Dragonflies

Group Names for Cousins

You are lucky if you have same-age fellow cousins. For these types of cousins, we have gathered some new names. Check out these best WhatsApp group names for cousins.

  1. Unbreakable Bond
  2. Stand By Me
  3. We Are Family
  4. We Stick Together
  5. Forever Love Life Is Beautiful
  6. My Peeps
  7. Family Ties
  8. Blessed Life
  9. Together 4ever
  10. We’ve Got This
  11. Hearts of Gold
  12. Joyous Life
  13. Fantastic [# of Members]
  14. Family Forever
  15. Close Knit
  16. Nice But Nuts
  17. Strength Together
  18. Gift of You
  19. There Is Love
  20. Unconditional Love
  21. My Rock My Inspiration
  22. Through Thick and Thin
  23. Full House

Group Names for School Friends

If you are still in touch with your old school friends, then you can use the following best WhatsApp group names for school friends.

  1. Crazy School Friends
  2. Colonial Cousins
  3. The Jumping Jacks
  4. The Folks
  5. For Timepass Only
  6. Junior Stunts
  7. One Sided Lovers
  8. Back Benchers
  9. Across Borders
  10. My Gang
  11. Loving Ones
  12. Class Bunkers
  13. Valet Minds
  14. People I Love
  15. Trollers
  16. Legal Bachelors
  17. Counter-Strike Batch
  18. Local Losers
  19. So Called Engineers
  20. We Grow Together
  21. Wondering Minds
  22. Brothers From Different Mothers
  23. Cherry Choppers
  24. Little Moons
  25. ABCD Friends
  26. Higher Drifters
  27. Lucky Charms
  28. Dear Ones
  29. Just Chat
  30. Fabulous Friends

Group Names for Brothers and Sisters

If you share a loving bond with your siblings, then you can use the given suggestions for your best WhatsApp group names for brothers and sisters.

  1. Weed Brothers
  2. Brothers With Alms
  3. Soul Sisters
  4. Brothers From Another Mother
  5. Sistas From Different Mistas
  6. Brother and Sister
  7. Soul Sisters
  8. To Sister With Love
  9. Four Sisters
  10. Bro Gang

Group Names for Students

If you are a school student and you have been given an assignment with the group then you can choose the following names for your best WhatsApp group names for students.

  1. Hungry College Students Need Food
  2. Shade Throwers
  3. Baddies and
  4. Life lovers
  5. Five Idiots
  6. Hard workers
  7. Eye to Eye, Ear to Ear
  8. On the Wire
  9. One Life One Chance
  10. Wired
  11. Chats are fully secured
  12. Buddies In Crime
  13. Chichore Dost
  14. Connect the Dots
  15. Hangover
  16. Hike & Bike
  17. Royal Benchers
  18. Chamber of Secrets
  19. Master Minds
  20. Happiness All-Around
  21. Colony of Weirdos
  22. Little Moons
  23. Tough Team
  24. Textbook Text Bookers

Group Names for Boys

If you want to maintain your cool boy look in your WhatsApp group, then you can choose given best WhatsApp group names for boys.

  1. Friendsome
  2. GiftTree
  3. Three pub
  4. Three Dream
  5. Friendscandy
  6. Friendary
  7. Wicked Three
  8. Weaved Three
  9. Young Three
  10. Three Sell
  11. Friend Screen
  12. Albion Three
  13. You Three
  14. Three Addict
  15. Tripfriends
  16. Friends Fund
  17. Three Home
  18. Simply Three
  19. Gothree
  20. Devoted Three
  21. Friends HQ
  22. Those three
  23. Mega three
  24. Three Autumn
  25. Three girl
  26. Three Friends Show
  27. Known Three Friends
  28. Three Friends Specials
  29. National Boys
  30. Three Friends Shares

Group Names for Office Team

If you are working for business purposes and need to create a WhatsApp group for Office work, then you can try these best WhatsApp group names for the office team.

  1. Queens Lounge.
  2. Gossips Launch.
  3. Bold ladies.
  4. Gossips Launch.
  5. Women of Wisdom (WOM)
  6. Women’s Power.
  7. Don’t underestimate us.
  8. Girly things
  9. Only Girl stuff.
  10. Cute Angels.
  11. Heart catchers.
  12. Why Should boys have all the fun?
  13. GirlFriends.
  14. Girls Study group.
  15. Music Group.
  16. Rockstars.
  17. Rock & Roll.
  18. The Insomniacs.
  19. Only Singles.
  20. Life for Friends.
  21. Nadaan Parindey.
  22. Game Changers.
  23. House of Hunters.
  24. The Drifters.
  25. Friendship Goal.
  26. The Folks.
  27. Hangover.
  28. Bachelor’s Party.
  29. The Alpha & Omega.

Group Names for College Friends

For college friends, you can choose any name from the list of the best WhatsApp group names.

  1. College Life Moments.
  2. Changu Mangus.
  3. Last Benchers.
  4. class ke topper
  5. Inmates
  6. College canteen
  7. Share assignment
  8. Hostlers
  9. Juniors
  10. Class Bunkers
  11. Sarkari School
  12. Aaj Chutti Hai
  13. Hostel party.
  14. College Association
  15. Sports quota
  16. Einstein ki Aulaad
  17. Lunch break
  18. Pass Karwado Yar
  19. Cafe & Canteen

Group Names for Students and Teachers

If you want to keep in touch with your teachers, you can add them to a WhatsApp group. Select any of the given names from the list of the best WhatsApp group names for students and teachers.

  1. Cool teachers
  2. Honorable teachers
  3. Nice teachers
  4. Loving sir
  5. Respected teachers

Group Names for Siblings

If you are searching for a good WhatsApp name for your WhatsApp group for siblings, then you can see these names from the list of the best WhatsApp group names for siblings.

  1. We Are Family
  2. The [Last Name] Bunch
  3. We Stick Together
  4. Forever Love Life Is Beautiful
  5. My Peeps
  6. Family Ties
  7. Blessed Life
  8. Together 4ever
  9. We’ve Got This
  10. Hearts of Gold
  11. Joyous Life
  12. Fantastic [# of Members]
  13. Family Forever
  14. Our House
  15. Family Life
  16. Close Knit
  17. Nice But Nuts
  18. Strength Together
  19. Gift of You
  20. There Is Love
  21. Unconditional Love
  22. My Rock My Inspiration
  23. Family Rules
  24. Through Thick and Thin
  25. Family Bond

Group Names for Clothing Business

If you are thinking of creating a WhatsApp group for business purposes, then you can see this list of the best WhatsApp group names for clothing businesses.

  1. The Top Business
  2. Medicine Men
  3. Hawk Insights
  4. Keyword Is A King
  5. Branch Manager Bunch
  6. The Mind Bogglers
  7. Detective Analysts
  8. Alternative Jurists
  9. Planners on Mission
  10. Sale on Sail
  11. Wall Street Wizards
  12. Head Honchos
  13. Mind Readers
  14. Cool Translators
  15. Audits Smash
  16. Team Knowledge
  17. The Neanderthals
  18. The Hackers
  19. Greedy Foodies
  20. Peas in a Pod
  21. Marketing Magic
  22. Sale on a Sail
  23. North Mavericks
  24. Remarkable Falcons
  25. Tech Geeks
  26. Power-Hungry Prosecutors
  27. Global Assets
  28. Dynamic Drillers
  29. Marketing Marauders
  30. Super Sellers
  31. Risky Businesses
  32. The Whiz Kids
  33. Hasty Scribbles
  34. Future Billionaires
  35. Alternative Jurists
  36. Planners on Mission

Group Names for Science Students

If you are a science student, then you will be glad to hear the names from this list of the best WhatsApp group names for science students.

  1. Science is everything.
  2. Don’t underestimate science.
  3. Never ignore us!
  4. Feel free to ask.
  5. Grow your information

Group Names for ClassMates

You can select the best WhatsApp group names for your classmates to add them to a WhatsApp group.

  1. Whatsapp Masterclass
  2. Whatsapp Advisor
  3. Group Beast
  4. Friendship Friends Corp
  5. Skipping Class
  6. Ultimate Nerds
  7. 4 Years ‘Til Us Part

Group Names for Online Shopping

If you love online shopping and your fellows same, then you can add them to a group with the best WhatsApp group names for online shopping.

  1. Hungry for Shopping
  2. Chor Bazaar
  3. Warriors
  4. The Drifters
  5. Five Stars
  6. The Breakfast Club
  7. The Folks

Group Names for Study

For study purposes, you can create a group and select the names from these best WhatsApp group names for study.

  1. C’s Gets Degrees
  2. Party, Study, Repeat
  3. The Insomniacs
  4. The Grapes of Math
  5. Riders of the Storm
  6. Study Buddies
  7. The Cool Nerds
  8. Four Years a Slave to Education
  9. Don’t Test Us
  10. Study Wars
  11. Alive Scholars Society
  12. Caffeine and Power Naps
  13. Hungry College Students Need Food
  14. All Night Long
  15. Changing Majors
  16. Highlighters and Scantrons
  17. Ultimate Nerds
  18. 6 Semesters and a Movie
  19. Library Lurkers
  20. Affirmative Reaction
  21. TI-2018
  22. Silent Tooters
  23. Textbook Text Bookers
  24. 4 Years ‘Til Us Part
  25. Procrastinators Now
  26. Life of Pi

Group Names for Medical Students

You can select these cool and best WhatsApp WhatsApp group names for medical students.

  1. Psycho students
  2. Cool learners
  3. Textbook Text Bookers
  4. Future of nation
  5. Nice guys

Group Names for Ladies

If you are a young lady, then you can name your group depending on these cool and best WhatsApp group names for ladies.

  1. First Ladies
  2. “The Ladies”
  3. Staunch Ladies
  4. Avengers
  5. Just talk
  6. Open Book
  7. Unfired
  8. No Spamming
  9. Smile, please
  10. Ninjas
  11. All Us Single Ladies
  12. Just Bold Ladies

Group Names for 10th Class Friends

You can use the following suggestion for your best WhatsApp group names for 10 classes.

  1. Everything About Us
  2. Top Class Home
  3. Mad Families
  4. You Truly Amaze
  5. 24-Hour Drama Club
  6. That’s All For Now

Group Names for Colleagues

We have provided you with the best WhatsApp group names for colleagues.

  1. Kam Kar
  2. Any Update
  3. Team Members
  4. Meet Up Parties
  5. Quick Meeting
  6. Faculty Members
  7. Hello Workmates
  8. Same Teammates
  9. Admin Panel
  10. Breaking News
  11. Stay in Touch
  12. Quick Look
  13. Instant Reply
  14. Loyal Mates
  15. Work Offers
  16. Settle Up
  17. Never Settle
  18. Fellow Workers
  19. Reject Posts
  20. Drop Ideas
  21. Co-Workers
  22. Faculty Members
  23. Headlines

Group Names for BTS Army Girl

If you are a BTS fan, then you should take a look at this list of the best WhatsApp group names for BTS army girls.

  1. We are the BTS Army
  2. We stand with BTS
  3. Love you BTS
  4. Little fans of BTS
  5. Die-hard fans of BTS
  6. Love KK

Group Names for Relatives

If you are connected with your whole family including relatives, then you need to read these best WhatsApp group names for relatives.

  1. I love my Aunt.
  2. My Uncle is the best.
  3. Nice family
  4. We love ourselves.
  5. Keep my regards

Group Names for Commerce Students

If you are a commerce student, then you may not mind reading the given names for your group. Take a look at these best WhatsApp groups for commerce students.

  1. Us Fantastic
  2. Cool Family
  3. Strong Bonding
  4. A Cuddle of Pandas
  5. The Happy Family
  6. Family Bond
  7. All In The Family
  8. ABC Family
  9. We all are one
  10. Family Unite
  11. Cluster of Cool
  12. Hearts of Gold
  13. Good

Group Names for Doctors

If you are a doctor, then you must want to create a group with your fellow doctors. Read the given suggestions from the best WhatsApp group names for doctors.

  1. Save lives
  2. Any emergency
  3. Updates
  4. Fun time
  5. Happy fellows

How to Change a Group Name on WhatsApp?

Changing a group name on WhatsApp is not a very difficult task. If you have already created a WhatsApp group and now you want to rename it, then follow the given steps below:

  1. Open the group chat whose name you want to change.
  2. Select the group info option by tapping on the group name.
  3. Tap on the pencil icon that you will see next to the group name.
  4. Type the new name that you think suits better to this group.
  5. After entering the new name, select OK and your group name will be changed.


We have given a huge collection of interesting names for the WhatsApp groups of every category. So get the perfect name for your WhatsApp group from here and enjoy your chats with more fun.