Top Scholarships for North Dakota Students to Apply in May 2024

The rising cost of college tuition across the country has made higher education out of reach for many students. Federal student aid is often not enough to cover the exorbitant costs that come with a college degree. Young people across the nation have taken on massive amounts of debt to afford college, and students in North Dakota are no exception.

Thankfully, North Dakota residents can find many scholarship opportunities to support their educational goals. Scholarships offer a helpful way for students to meet their financial needs. There are plenty of scholarships open to students in North Dakota that will allow them to fund their careers.

Top 10 Scholarships for North Dakota Students

  1. North Dakota Academic Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to high school seniors who demonstrate academic excellence. Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and meet specific course requirements.
  2. North Dakota Career & Technical Education Scholarship: This scholarship supports students pursuing vocational or technical education. Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 2.75 and complete specific coursework.
  3. North Dakota Scholars Program: This program provides full-tuition scholarships to the top high school graduates in the state. Selection is based on ACT scores and academic performance.
  4. North Dakota Indian Scholarship: Available to Native American students, this scholarship provides financial assistance based on academic achievement and financial need.
  5. North Dakota State Grant: This need-based grant is available to undergraduate students attending a North Dakota public or private college. Awards are based on financial need and academic performance.
  6. STEM Occupations Student Loan Program: This program offers loan forgiveness to students who pursue degrees in STEM fields and work in North Dakota after graduation.
  7. North Dakota Dollars for Scholars: This organization provides scholarships to high school seniors based on academic achievement, extracurricular activities, and community service.
  8. North Dakota Nursing Scholarship Program: This scholarship supports students pursuing nursing degrees. Awards are based on academic performance and financial need.
  9. North Dakota Farm Bureau Scholarship: This scholarship is available to students pursuing degrees in agriculture or related fields. Applicants must be members of the North Dakota Farm Bureau.
  10. University of North Dakota Scholarships: The University of North Dakota offers various scholarships to its students based on academic achievement, financial need, and specific criteria related to majors and extracurricular activities.

North Dakota Students and Student Debt

Due to the climbing cost of attending college, many North Dakota students have had to turn to student loans. In 2021, 84,900 student borrowers were living in North Dakota, each with an average student loan debt of $29,446. The state has a total of $2.5 billion in student loan debt.

Only 10.9% of North Dakota residents have student loan debt, which is slightly less than the national average of 12.1%. This growing student debt crisis can hinder students’ life goals after they complete their degrees and challenges high school students as they try to find affordable education.

High Schools in North Dakota

There are 194 high schools in North Dakota, comprising 177 public schools and 17 private schools. The graduation rate for all North Dakota high school students is 89%, but the graduation rate for economically disadvantaged students is only 77%, highlighting the need for additional resources for underprivileged students.

Colleges in North Dakota

North Dakota offers many opportunities for higher education that local students, as well as students from bordering states, choose to attend. There are 14 public and 15 private colleges in the state. Notable universities include the University of North Dakota Grand Forks and North Dakota State University. Both universities are part of the North Dakota University System, which includes 11 campuses.

During the 2021-2022 academic year, the total student population in North Dakota was 51,732, with 43,450 undergraduates and 8,208 graduate students. The majority of students, 33,978, are enrolled full-time, with 17,680 enrolled part-time.

The average college graduation rate in North Dakota is 51.04%, slightly behind the national average of 60.4%.

North Dakota College Demographics

The gender distribution of students attending North Dakota’s colleges is 46.83% male and 53.17% female, reflecting a more even gender distribution than in many states.

There is limited diversity in North Dakota’s student population: 39,669 students are White, 791 are Asian, 1,587 are Black, and 1,999 are Hispanic. Native American students make up the largest minority group, totaling 2,042 students.

Costs of a College Education in North Dakota

College in North Dakota costs 17.05% less than the national average. However, the cost can still be prohibitive for many students, and tuition continues to rise. Tuition increased by 6.63% from the 2018-19 academic year to 2019-20.

The average cost of attendance at a public four-year institution in North Dakota is $17,449. At a private four-year institution, students can expect to pay an average of $23,702 per year. Some students might save money by attending a public two-year institution, which costs an average of $5,073 a year.

The most expensive school in the state is the University of Jamestown, which costs about $31,814 per year. The University of North Dakota is North Dakota’s most expensive public university; in-state students pay $19,280 per year. The most expensive two-year institution is Williston State College, where in-state students pay $13,446 per year.

Additional Scholarships for North Dakota Students

Many scholarships exist for North Dakota students to secure financial assistance as they continue their education. Scholarships are available for every student, whether they are incoming freshmen or recent graduates. Some students might find that they can even fund their full tuition with scholarship earnings.

Scholarships for North Dakota High School Students

By applying for scholarships while still enrolled in high school, students can secure financial support for their education early. Many scholarships are specifically aimed at high school students in their senior year, but opportunities exist for students of all grade levels.

  • Best Christian Colleges No-Essay Scholarship
  • Great Books Scholarship
  • Young Women for STEM Scholarship
  • Collegiate Golf Scholarship
  • Financial Literacy Scholarship

Scholarships for North Dakota High School Seniors

In addition to the general high school scholarships listed above, graduating seniors can also consider the following scholarships. Scholarships limited to a single grade level will have fewer eligible applicants, giving you an even better chance of winning!

  • Deep Thinking Scholarship
  • Carl’s Music Matters Scholarship
  • Indigenous Women in STEM Scholarship
  • Sloane Stephens Doc & Glo Scholarship
  • Jake Thomas Williams Memorial Scholarship
  • Future Leaders Scholarship

Scholarships for College Students in North Dakota

Students enrolled in undergraduate programs can still find ways to pay for their remaining semesters. College students can apply for scholarships while getting their bachelor’s degree or even beyond. Scholarships are also available for students in two-year or technical programs.

  • Great Minds Scholarship
  • Electronic Shark Scholarship
  • “$$$ Isn’t Everything” Scholarship
  • Graduate School No-Essay Scholarship
  • Minority/Women in STEM Scholarship
  • Interdisciplinary Technology Scholarship

Scholarships for International Students in North Dakota

Students from abroad who attend university in North Dakota can receive significant financial aid in the form of scholarships. International students often find it difficult to meet their financial needs because they are ineligible for state grant programs and other forms of federal aid. However, scholarships offer the necessary resources to fund their education.

  • Recent Immigrants Scholarship
  • No-Essay Coming to America Scholarship
  • Across Cultures No-Essay Scholarship
  • Expand Your Horizons Scholarship
  • International Studies Scholarship

Frequently Asked Questions about Scholarships in North Dakota

How to Apply for Scholarships in North Dakota?

Applying for scholarships is made simple through various online platforms. To start, create a free student profile on a scholarship website. After completing your profile, you will gain access to hundreds of scholarships.

Once you find a particular scholarship you would like to apply for, be sure to fully read the description to ensure you are an eligible applicant. Some scholarships are only open to students who meet certain requirements, like having a high cumulative GPA and showing academic promise, so it is important not to waste time on scholarships you are not qualified for.

Each scholarship is awarded based on its unique criteria. Some will require applicants to submit a short essay, while others require the submission of art pieces or videos. The application requirements will be listed in the scholarship’s description.

When Can I Start Applying?

Students should start applying for scholarships as soon as possible to save money and future anxiety. Students do not have to already be undergraduate students; they can find scholarships while still in high school.

While it can be a great idea to start applying as early as high school, it’s never too late to begin applying. Many scholarships exist to help students who have already graduated to pay off their student loans.

How Do I Know If I’m Eligible for a Scholarship?

Each scholarship’s eligibility requirements will be listed at the top of the information page. Some scholarships will state that applicants must be of a certain ethnicity, like Hispanic American, while others will be open to a broader range of students.

Before beginning the application process, applicants must carefully read all the given information on a scholarship. This will prevent them from spending time applying for scholarships they are unqualified for.

What Do I Have to Do to Apply?

The application requirements for scholarships vary. Some may require students to create works inspired by a particular theme or goal of the donor, while others are easy “no-essay” scholarships where students must only click apply.

Applying to as many scholarships as possible is the best way to maximize scholarship earnings and secure financial aid for education. Most scholarships require applicants to submit a short essay, so students should note deadlines to ensure they have created the best submission possible.

Are Scholarships Counted as Income?

Generally, scholarships are not counted as income as the award is sent directly to the academic institution to cover necessary tuition expenses. However, if money is left over after education expenses are paid, scholarship earnings may be counted as taxable income.