80+ Best WhatsApp Mods APK Apps Download (Updated 2024)

WhatsApp Mods are enhanced versions of the official WhatsApp that come along with many modifications. These apps have many new features that will change your communication experience and take it to another level. Here is the list of WhatsApp mods given below that you can choose from here:

GB WhatsApp Icon
Customize your WhatsApp chats with additional features and themes of GB WhatsApp!
Free Download (76 MB)
FMWhatsApp Icon
Delve into the Next Level of Messaging with FMWhatsApp
Free Download (76 MB)
WhatsApp Gold Icon
Enhance your WhatsApp Chat by using the Golden theme and colors of WhatsApp Gold!
Free Download (79 MB)
GB WhatsApp Pro Icon
Unleash the Next Level of Chatting with GB WhatsApp Pro
Free Download (75 MB)
OGWhatsApp Icon
Reveal the Extraordinary in Every Chat with OGWhatsApp's Advanced Options
Free Download (76 MB)
YOWhatsApp Icon
Elevate Your Chat Experience with YoWhatsApp's advanced features!
Free Download (76 MB)
WhatsApp Plus Icon
Evolve Your Conversations with WhatsApp Plus Features!
Free Download (75 MB)
Red WhatsApp Icon
Get the Red themed WhatsApp to enhance your chatting experience with Red WhatsApp.
Free Download (79 MB)
NSWhatsApp Icon
Enhance Your WhatsApp Chats with Stunning 3D Themes of NSWhatsApp!
Free Download (87 MB)
NA WhatsApp Icon
Unleash Ultimate Privacy and Customization for Your Chats with NA WhatsApp!
Free Download (79 MB)
ER WhatsApp Icon
A Chatting Experience as Legendary as Ertugrul with ER WhatsApp
Free Download (78 MB)
OB WhatsApp Icon
Empower Your Messages with OB WhatsApp Extras
Free Download (80 MB)
AG WhatsApp Icon
Transform Your Conversations with AG WhatsApp's Exclusive Features
Free Download (78 MB)
KB WhatsApp Icon
Get exciting features in your WhatsApp for customization
Free Download (78 MB)
AL WhatsApp Icon
Experience the next level of Chatting with AL WhatsApp!
Free Download (79 MB)
Blue WhatsApp Icon
Get the enhanced experience of using WhatsApp with additional features.
Free Download (82 MB)
Fouad WhatsApp Icon
Elevate Every Conversation with Fouad WhatsApp.
Free Download (76 MB)
WhatsApp Aero Icon
Experience the art of chatting with WhatsApp Aero's Unique features
Free Download (77 MB)
JTWhatsApp Icon
Break the Limits of chatting with JTWhatsApp
Free Download (82 MB)
AN WhatsApp Icon
Get rid of the limitations provided by official WhatsApp by installing AN WhatsApp!
Free Download (77 MB)
MBWhatsApp Icon
Stay ahead in chatting with MBWhatsApp's advanced features
Free Download (86 MB)
ABWhatsApp Icon
Customize your WhatsApp with many additional features by installing ABWhatsApp
Free Download (76 MB)
Cyber WhatsApp Icon
Take Control of Your Conversations with Cyber WhatsApp's Enhanced Privacy
Free Download (82 MB)
TM WhatsApp Icon
Unlock the Full Potential of Your Chats with TMWhatsApp!
Free Download (82 MB)
WhatsApp IMUNE Icon
Get a new messaging experience with new themes and customization by using WhatsApp IMUNE!
Free Download (64 MB)
ARWhatsApp Icon
Control your chat privacy with ARWhatsApp's unique features!
Free Download (72 MB)
BT WhatsApp Icon
Customize your old WhatsApp look to new with the four different versions Of BT WhatsApp!
Free Download (80 MB)
SAWhatsApp Icon
Modified your messaging journey with SAWhatsApp exclusive features!
Free Download (81 MB)
Pink WhatsApp Icon
Customize your WhatsApp by using pink themes and colors with Pink WhatsApp!
Free Download (80.7 MB)
KM WhatsApp Icon
Unleash Messaging Supremacy with KM WhatsApp features!
Free Download (57 MB)
Hawa WhatsApp Icon
Customize your chats with the unique features of Hawa WhatsApp!
Free Download (77 MB)
King WhatsApp  Icon
Enhance your WhatsApp experience with King WhatsApp's exclusive customization features!
Free Download (78 MB)
Adam WhatsApp Icon
Experience exciting chat customization with the amazing features of Adam WhatsApp!
Free Download (77 MB)
AM WhatsApp Icon
Refresh Your Chat Experience with AM WhatsApp exclusive features!
Free Download (59 MB)
SB WhatsApp Icon
Experience the extra features of messaging with SB WhatsApp
Free Download (57 MB)
BH WhatsApp Icon
Take Control of Your Conversations with BH WhatsApp!
Free Download (73 MB)
WhatsApp Arab Icon
Explore arabic cultural themes and emojis using WhatsApp Arab
Free Download (35.5 MB)
WhatsApp Base Icon
Get rid of the restrictions set by the official WhatsApp through WhatsApp Base
Free Download (31.5 MB)
AZWhatsApp Icon
Get a better privacy experience in your conversation with AZWhatsApp's unique features!
Free Download (84 MB)
WhatsApp Pro Icon
Upgrade your conversation with WhatsApp Pro
Free Download (44 MB)
WhatsApp Transparent Icon
Experience a transparent look in chats with WhatsApp Transparent!
Free Download (67 MB)
WhatsApp Dark Icon
Keep your eyes rest in the night with Dark Mode feature of WhatsApp Dark app
Free Download (39 MB)
YMWhatsApp Icon
Enhance your messaging experience with YMWhatsApp's advanced features!
Free Download (65 MB)
Soula WhatsApp Icon
Control certain aspects of the privacy and function in chats with Soula WhatsApp
Free Download (43 MB)
CooCoo WhatsApp Icon
Change your app look using Coocoo WhatsApp
Free Download (84 MB)
WhatsApp GO Icon
Keep control over the messages and privacy with WhatsApp GO
v0.23.8L EX
Free Download (59 MB)
WhatsApp Alaskar Icon
Get a unique interference and chatting experience with WhatsApp Alaskar
v6.40 & v8.80
Free Download (72 MB)
KRWhatsApp Icon
Customize your chat look with KRWhatsApp
Free Download (35.6 MB)
NM WhatsApp Icon
Customize your WhatsApp with unlimited options
Free Download (42 MB)
AOWhatsApp Icon
Keep control your privacy in messaging with AOWhatsApp
Free Download (38 MB)
FAWhatsApp Icon
Customize your chats with innovative privacy features of FAWhatsApp
Free Download (79 MB)
WhatsApp Lite Icon
Use a customized version of WhatsApp by installing WhatsApp Lite
Free Download (29 MB)
WhatsApp Mix Icon
Get a 3D style WhatsApp theme with many new features by using WhatsApp Mix
Free Download (70 MB)
WhatsAppMA Icon
Customize your chats by adding custom fonts with WhatsAppMA!
Free Download (37 MB)
HMWhatsApp Icon
Use your WhatsApp with a lot of customized features by using HMWhatsApp app
Free Download (40 MB)
NEWhatsApp Icon
Enjoy pink theme color and themes with NEWhatsApp!
Free Download (27.6 MB)
GAWhatsApp  Icon
Customize your chats with GAWhatsApp extra features!
Free Download (24.5 MB)
NOWhatsApp Icon
Send media files without any limitations in chats through NOWhatsApp!
Free Download (56 MB)
WhatsApp Prime Icon
Enhance your chatting experience with the Prime features of WhatsApp Prime!
Free Download (43 MB)
GM WhatsApp Icon
Create Extraordinary Chats with GM WhatsApp Extra Features!
Free Download (74 MB)
DMWhatsApp Icon
Message in Style and experience the Uniqueness of DMWhatsApp
Free Download (33 MB)
Chat Smarter, Chat Bolder with WAMOD
Free Download (39 MB)
Princess WhatsApp Icon
A special WhatsApp mod (Princess WhatsApp) designed for girls
Free Download (50 MB)
HeyWhatsApp Icon
Customize your messaging journey with different interesting themes and cool features through HeyWhatsApp
Free Download (57 MB)
KAWhatsApp Icon
Keep your chat privacy to the next level with KAWhatsApp!
Free Download (76 MB)
WhatsApp Indigo Icon
Use custom themes, and fonts in chats with WhatsApp Indigo
Free Download (32 MB)
WhatsAppMD Icon
Keep your chats in the coolest designs with WhatsAppMD
Free Download (18 MB)
Purple WhatsApp Icon
Color Your Conversations Purple with Purple WhatsApp
Free Download (76 MB)
KLWhatsApp Icon
Get a unique interface and more customization features in messaging with KLWhatsApp!
Free Download (31 MB)
RAWhatsApp Icon
Keep your chat privacy in control with RAWhatsApp's additional features
Free Download (73 MB)
HAZRD WhatsApp Icon
Get a new chat interface with the help of HAZRD WhatsApp!
Free Download (42 MB)
KWhatsApp Icon
Keep more control over chat settings with KWhatsApp!
Free Download (40 MB)
YCWhatsApp Icon
Make your chat privacy in control with YCWhatsApp's extra features!
Free Download (21 MB)
Baby WhatsApp Icon
Explore many hidden features for chats with Baby WhatsApp!
Free Download (28 MB)
WAPWhatsApp Icon
Get a Unique interface and customization for messaging with WAPWhatsApp
Free Download (40.6 MB)
HiWhatsApp Icon
Get new and extra features in HiWhatsApp that are not available in the original WhatsApp!
Free Download (59 MB)
LVWhatsApp Icon
A unique version of WhatsApp for girls
Free Download (75 MB)
GioWhatsApp Icon
Get many additional features for chat in WhatsApp!
Free Download (29.4 MB)
Mizo WhatsApp Icon
Make your chats look cool with Mizo WhatsApp's endless features!
Free Download (53 MB)
BSEWhatsApp Icon
Get complete hold on your privacy as well as many other features using BSEWhatsApp
Free Download (37 MB)
BRIWhatsApp Icon
Customize your WhatsApp with BRIThemes through BRIWhatsApp
Free Download (50 MB)
WhatsApp Begal Icon
Find a huge collection of themes for chats with WhatsApp Begal!
Free Download (39 MB)

What are WhatsApp Mods?

WhatsApp Mods unlike the official WhatsApp Messenger are better versions of WhatsApp with many enhanced features. You will find many amazing features that are not available in the original app which makes these apps more useful than the original WhatsApp.

You can freeze your last seen as well as hide it from others. There is also the possibility to customize your WhatsApp mods with various themes. You will be provided with different fonts to change the look of your apps.

Is it Safe to Use WhatsApp Mods?

There are some risks involved in using WhatsApp mods. As you know these apps are not official and are not available on the Google Play store therefore, these apps are not fully trusted. You might get banned from using WhatsApp if you ever get caught having suspicious activities on these apps.

Moreover, some reports are saying these apps have attacked the user’s privacy and stolen their personal information. However, these statements have not been proven yet. So it’s better to be cautious for using these apps.

Requirements for Installing WhatsApp Mods

WhatsApp mods are not created by the official WhatsApp developers. That’s why they are not present in the Play Store. To install them on your phone, you will need to make sure to complete some requirements otherwise you will not be able to get WhatsApp mods on your phone.

  • Make sure to have an Android device with an operating system of 4.0 or above
  • Your phone must be connected to the internet.