GM WhatsApp Download APK (Official) Latest Version 2023

There are so many new WhatsApp mods developing. Among them, GM WhatsApp is another mod of official WhatsApp that comes with a lot of new and amazing features for its users. You will love to download and install GM WhatsApp on your phone because of its features.

Get to know more about GM WhatsApp on your phone by reading this complete article. You will learn how to download and install this WhatsApp modified version along with you will be given the download link to GMWhatsApp.

GM WhatsApp

GM WhatsApp is an amazing modified version of WhatsApp that lets you do so many things which are not available in the official WhatsApp. This WhatsApp mod has a separate fan base and that’s why people now are tending to download this third-party mod on their phones.

With the vast variety of features, you are not going to be bored after downloading the latest version of GMWhatsApp from here. You can do a lot of things that a normal WhatsApp user can not even imagine. You have everything in your hand when it comes to privacy and some other features. You can change your WhatsApp themes according to your mood and customize the app you want using this app.

GM WhatsApp Download Latest Version

GM WhatsApp
App NameGM WhatsApp
Android Requirement5.0 or above
File size74 MB
Last updated1 day ago

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Hide previous activity: Hide your online status from your contacts. If you are online and don’t want to let your friends call you. You can hide them directly from our contacts by changing your privacy settings.

Not only the active status but also the last seen activity of your contacts can be easily and quickly hidden by manually changing the settings in GM WhatsApp.

Hide the message forward flag For example, if you don’t want your contact friends to know that the message you send is a forward message, hide the message forward flag from the app settings.

Hide display status: Set Hide View from Settings If you do this, once you see the status of your friends, they will never tell you their viewing status.

Deleted messages: Many people delete the message after sending it or delete their status after posting. If you want to see their statuses and posts immediately after deleting them, WhatsApp GM will allow you to do so.

Deleted messages and posts will be visible even if they are deleted by the sender. This unique feature is present only in some modified WhatsApp applications.

Add animated snowflakes, flowers, and hearts animation effects that can be selected as screen animations on the application interface.

Threads: Download multiple themes from the Store and Library. It is important to note that you can switch to any topic at any time. So don’t get bored with this Whatsapp.

Dark mode: Dark mode can be enabled or disabled according to your preference.

Internet: Turn on and off the Internet from WhatsApp settings, select any default auto message and also select a schedule for your messages.

Write a pointer: If you want to reply to your contact and not tell them your last activity or tell them your “writing” status, you can. Also, hide the typing status indicator and blue tick by setting them manually from the app.

Lock app: Lock your WhatsApp with your PIN and password. If you lock your app, you don’t need to download any third-party app installation because the GMWhatsApp app itself has this security feature.

Personalize: Customize the interface to your needs with the main interface screen, chat screen, and eight customizable scans. In the main interface, you can place the notification bar at the top or bottom of the main screen whenever you want.

The color of the widget, which is the notification screen, is customizable. Also, choose how long you want the notification to appear at the top of the screen.

How to Download and Install GM WhatsApp on Android?

Downloading and installing GMWhatsApp on your phone is such a simple task that can be done by anyone. But if you do not know the procedure, then let me guide you with the details of this process.

  1. To download GM Whatsapp APK first click on the above link.
  2. After downloading it, allow other sources to install it from your mobile setup and install it.
  3. After the installation process is complete, you can easily log in with your phone number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to download GM WhatsApp for free?

Yes, GM WhatsApp allows you to use all its new features without spending a single penny.

Is GM WhatsApp applicable to Google Play Store?

GM WhatsApp APK is an advanced app that is not available from the google play store but you can easily get this app from our website link.

What can the latest version of GM WhatsApp do?

This WhatsApp allows you to read messages from all users, even those whose profile pictures or photos are not blocked, and you can also find out when your friends were last online. Also, you can add different contacts at once.


If you need the best-modified version of WhatsApp, you can get the download link of GM WhatsApp to get this mod on your phone for free. Once you do, you will definitely get used to the features and interface of this application that you will never want to get rid of.

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