Top 4 Scholarships in Hawaii to Apply in May 2024

Hawaii is not only famous for its picturesque landscapes but also for the high cost of living, which extends to education. Scholarships are essential for Hawaiian students, helping them to overcome financial barriers and access higher education without accumulating significant debt.

4 Scholarships Available to Hawaii Students

For students in Hawaii looking to alleviate the financial burden of higher education, a variety of scholarships are available to address their diverse needs. These scholarships are designed to support Hawaiian students across different fields of study, from environmental science to technology and healthcare. Below are four notable scholarships specifically tailored for students pursuing their academic goals in Hawaii:

1) A Heroes Family Scholarship

As one small way to help the families of first responders, the A Heroes Family Scholarship exists to provide financial support for a student who has lost a parent or spouse to an on-duty tragedy of a first responder. This scholarship is funded by the First Responders Family Foundation. (APPLICATION DEADLINE: 20 Jun 2024)

Eligibility Requirements

✅ All students are Eligible

1000$ to 1 Winner

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2) Raquel Merlini Pay it Forward Scholarship

This scholarship is designed to support one divorced woman or a single mother with an opportunity to pursue the education she deserves. This scholarship is funded by Raquel Merlini(APPLICATION DEADLINE: 24 Jun 2024)

Eligibility Requirements

Marital StatusSingle Mother and/or divorced
Pending majorPursuing or considering pursuing a degree in the medical field

1000$ to 1 Winner

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3) FMA College Scholarship

This scholarship seeks to motivate students who are pursuing careers in which they’ll study floods and create solutions to reduce the impacts of floods on people and communities. This scholarship is funded by the Floodplain Management Association(APPLICATION DEADLINE: 31 May 2024)

Eligibility Requirements

Education LevelUndergraduate student ((Junior or Senior Year)
Field of StudySTEM
LocationAttending an accredited college or University in California, Nevada, or Hawaii

5000$ to 1 Winner

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4) Sandra West ALS Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship aims to support college students who face the dual challenges of academic pursuit and familial responsibilities during a difficult time. This scholarship is funded by the West Family. (APPLICATION DEADLINE: 31 May 2024)

Eligibility Requirements

Education LevelCurrent or prospective college student
Financial StatusFamily facing financial hardship
BackgroundChild of a parent with ALS

1st winner $8,208, 2nd winner $8,207

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Hawaii Students and Student Debt

Despite its allure, Hawaii is the most expensive state to live in, posing significant challenges for students. The high cost of living, coupled with rising tuition fees, makes financial aid a necessity for many students seeking higher education in the state.

Educational Outlook in Hawaii

Higher education significantly enhances career prospects in Hawaii. While 62.6% of residents have attended college, those with a bachelor’s degree generally earn significantly more and face lower unemployment rates compared to those with only a high school diploma. This demonstrates the clear value of pursuing higher education in Hawaii.

Hawaii Colleges

Hawaii boasts a variety of higher education institutions, including 10 University of Hawaii system schools and several private colleges like Brigham Young University – Hawaii and Hawaii Pacific University. While these schools offer diverse programs, the cost of attendance can be steep, especially for prestigious institutions like the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa.

Student Debt in Hawaii

With college costs outstripping the national average, many Hawaiian students rely on loans to finance their education. Unfortunately, about 45% of college graduates in Hawaii are saddled with an average student debt of $24,926. This underscores the importance of scholarships as a critical resource.

The Best Scholarships for Hawaii Students

Scholarships are a vital financial resource for students in Hawaii, helping to cover tuition and other expenses. While general scholarship platforms offer various options, local scholarships specifically designed for Hawaiian residents can be particularly beneficial due to potentially lower competition and tailored criteria.

Additional Scholarships for Hawaii Students

Funding education in Hawaii doesn’t have to be overwhelming. A wide array of scholarships is available, targeting different fields of study and demographics, including opportunities for high school students, current college students, and specific programs like nursing and business.

How to Apply for Scholarships in Hawaii

Applying for scholarships involves several steps but can be streamlined using online platforms that connect students with relevant opportunities. Students should create profiles, fill out necessary information, and apply for scholarships that match their educational goals and financial needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hawaii Scholarships

Who is eligible for scholarships in Hawaii?

Eligibility varies by scholarship; some are intended for specific fields of study or demographics, while others are more general.

Do I need a high GPA to apply?

Not all scholarships require a high GPA; many focus on other factors like community service, specific talents, or financial need.

When can I start applying?

Students are encouraged to start applying as early as possible, even during high school, to maximize their potential financial aid.

How can I use a scholarship?

Scholarship funds are typically sent directly to your educational institution to cover tuition and other fees, though some may also cover indirect costs like books and living expenses.

By effectively utilizing scholarships, students in Hawaii can significantly reduce their educational expenses and enjoy a more financially secure college experience.