Top 6 Scholarships for Florida Students to Apply in May 2024

Florida offers a rich array of scholarship opportunities aimed at supporting its diverse student population in achieving higher education goals. As student debt continues to pose a challenge nationwide, Florida remains committed to providing financial aid that makes college more accessible and affordable for its residents.

6 Scholarships Available to Florida Students

In Florida, students have access to a diverse range of scholarships that cater to various academic interests and financial needs. These opportunities are designed to ease the burden of educational expenses, enabling students from all backgrounds to pursue their aspirations in higher education. Below is a comprehensive list of 6 scholarships available to students in Florida, each offering unique benefits and support.

1) Jaimeson Williams Legacy Scholarship

This scholarship aims to honor the life of Jaimeson by helping his peers make the leap from high school to college. This scholarship is funded by the Rachael Dean(APPLICATION DEADLINE: 18 Jul 2024)

Eligibility Requirements

Education LevelHigh school student
Majors of InterestMusic or STEM

1st winner$977, 2nd winner$974, 3rd winner$974

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2) Carol B. Warren, You are Loved Scholarship

This scholarship aims to honor the legacy of Carol B. Warren by supporting non-traditional students who are pursuing their educational goals. This scholarship is funded by the Katherine Gardner(APPLICATION DEADLINE: 15 Jun 2024)

Eligibility Requirements

Education LevelNon-traditional student pursuing an undergraduate degree or planning to after finishing a GED
StateColorado, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, or North Carolina

10 winners, $500 each

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3) Udonis Haslem Foundation BDJ40 Scholarship

This scholarship seeks to support students who are highly motivated to succeed despite the socio-economic challenges they face. This scholarship is funded by the Udonis Haslem Foundation(APPLICATION DEADLINE: 30 Jun 2024)

Eligibility Requirements

Education LevelHigh school senior
LocationMiami-Dade or Broward County
BackgroundCommunity Service experience
GPA3.2 or above

15000$ to 1 Winner

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4) Raquel Merlini Pay it Forward Scholarship

This scholarship is designed to support one divorced woman or a single mother with an opportunity to pursue the education she deserves. This scholarship is funded by Raquel Merlini(APPLICATION DEADLINE: 24 Jun 2024)

Eligibility Requirements

Marital StatusSingle Mother and/or divorced
Pending majorPursuing or considering pursuing a degree in the medical field

1000$ to 1 Winner

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5) WiseGeek Nursing No-Essay Scholarship

This scholarship is designed to support students dedicated to providing equitable healthcare opportunities for all people across the nation. This scholarship is funded by wiseGEEK(APPLICATION DEADLINE: 15 Jul 2024)

Eligibility Requirements

Desired CareerNurse

500$ to 1 Winner

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6) Eunice Richardson Scholarship for Girls

This scholarship aims to honor her life by supporting young girls in their pursuit of higher education. This scholarship is funded by the Richardson Family(APPLICATION DEADLINE: 10 May 2024)

Eligibility Requirements

Education LevelHigh school senior
RaceAfrican American
GPA2.5 or higher

1st winner$783, 2nd winner$782

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About Florida Students

With a population exceeding 21 million, Florida ranks as the third most populous state in the U.S. Despite the large population, only about 30% of Floridians over the age of 25 hold a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Florida’s colleges and universities, however, provide a wealth of opportunities for local students, with the majority choosing to stay in-state for their education. Notable public institutions with high enrollment rates include the University of Central Florida, Florida International University, and the University of Florida.

Enrollment Trends and Demographics in Florida

Florida’s educational landscape shows a trend toward more students choosing two-year degrees or part-time enrollment. Despite nearly 90% of the population over 25 having a high school diploma, the transition to college degrees remains below the national average. The demographic breakdown shows that Florida’s colleges are quite diverse, with a higher percentage of Hispanic and Latino students compared to the national average.

Student Debt in Florida

The affordability of education is a pressing concern in Florida, with the average annual in-state tuition costing about $6,071. Despite the relatively low tuition fees, many students still rely on loans to fund their education, leading to an average student debt of $35,496. This underscores the importance of scholarships in helping reduce the financial burdens of higher education.

How to Apply for Scholarships in Florida

The process for applying for scholarships in Florida is straightforward. Students are encouraged to create an account on scholarship platforms to access and apply for various financial aids that cater to their needs and fields of interest. Starting early, especially during high school, can significantly increase one’s chances of securing financial aid for college.

Scholarship Opportunities in Florida

Florida hosts a variety of scholarships tailored to different academic interests and backgrounds. For instance, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University offers scholarships specifically for students in aviation and aerospace programs. Other scholarships focus on supporting high school seniors, nursing students, and those with specific talents or academic excellence.


Scholarships are a vital resource for students in Florida, helping to mitigate the costs of higher education and reduce reliance on student loans. With a diverse array of scholarships available, Florida students have ample opportunities to fund their education and pursue their career goals without the burden of significant debt. By leveraging these opportunities, students can take proactive steps toward a brighter academic and professional future.