Top Scholarships for Delaware Students to Apply in May 2024

Every year, more and more students from Delaware are choosing to continue their education at the college level. Whether they choose to study in-state or elsewhere, the rising cost of tuition is proving to be an issue that impacts the academic journey of all students. As Delaware residents turn to loans to cover the costs, the importance of Delaware scholarship awards begins to grow.

Top 10 Scholarships for Delaware Students

  1. Delaware SEED Scholarship: Provides tuition for students attending Delaware Technical Community College or the University of Delaware Associate in Arts Program.
  2. Inspire Scholarship: For Delaware residents attending Delaware State University, helping to cover tuition costs.
  3. Freddie L Brown Sr. Scholarship: Open to high school students with strong academic records and community involvement.
  4. Lo Easton’s “Wrong Answers Only” Scholarship: A fun, creative scholarship for students of all levels.
  5. “A Daring Path” No-Essay Scholarship: Easy application process with no essay required.
  6. #FinancialFreedom No-Essay Scholarship: Helps students reduce their student loan debt with a simple application.
  7. Delaware Community Foundation Scholarships: Various scholarships based on academic interests, community service, and financial need.
  8. Delaware Higher Education Office Scholarships: Scholarships for students pursuing vocational and technical education.
  9. Freeman Foundation Scholarship: Supports students from Delaware who demonstrate financial need.
  10. Delaware Women’s Foundation Scholarships: For female students in Delaware pursuing higher education.

Delaware Students & Student Debt

Student debt is a growing concern in Delaware, with the state having ranked third-highest in the country where older Americans struggle most with student debt. Delaware also ranks ninth out of the top 10 states with the highest average student loan debt per borrower across the U.S. Nationally, Delaware ranks 39th in total financial aid dollars, having spent $24.2 million.

42.8% of undergraduates in the state receive federal student loans, in amounts averaging $6,283 each. Scholarships are a great alternative that students can turn to to financially support their academic journey. The more scholarship awards you get, the fewer student loans you’ll have to take out and the less money you’ll have to pay out of pocket.

Colleges in Delaware

Delaware is home to eight universities for which students can consider attending in-state for higher education. All eight institutions are regionally accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, three of which are public. These public institutions include Delaware State University, Delaware Technical Community College, and the University of Delaware.

Delaware State University is proud to be one of the country’s first land-grant educational institutions and one of America’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

The University of Delaware is nationally recognized and admits all Delaware residents whose academic records predict success. In Fall 2019, over 50% of first-year students received need-based financial aid. However, financial aid from schools or the federal government often doesn’t go far enough when it comes to reducing higher education costs.

Costs of College in Delaware

In 2021, 67% of undergraduates at the University of Delaware were granted financial aid, while 45% received aid in the form of loans. In the same year, the average undergraduate tuition at the University of Delaware was $12,980, which is $16,012 below the national average for Doctoral Universities of $28,992.

Scholarships for High School Students in Delaware

When looking for tuition assistance, it is never too early or too late to look at your options. There are a variety of opportunities available for high school applicants to get a head start on their future.

  1. Scholarships for High School Freshmen: Opportunities specifically for ninth-grade students to start early on scholarship applications.
  2. Scholarships for High School Sophomores: Tenth-grade students can apply for scholarships to prepare for college expenses.
  3. Scholarships for High School Juniors: Eleventh-grade students can find scholarships to help fund their senior year and beyond.
  4. Scholarships for High School Seniors: Many scholarships are available for twelfth-grade students preparing for college.

Scholarships for Current College Students in Delaware

Scholarship awards are a great way to pay for college tuition and fees. Compared to loans, recipients are not required to pay back the award amount. As a result, scholarships are free money to fund your college education!

  1. Undergraduate Scholarships: Scholarships for students pursuing their bachelor’s degrees.
  2. Scholarships for College Freshmen: Opportunities specifically for first-year college students.
  3. Scholarships for College Sophomores: Scholarships for second-year college students.
  4. Scholarships for College Juniors: Financial aid opportunities for third-year college students.
  5. Scholarships for College Seniors: Scholarships for students in their final year of college.
  6. Scholarships for Community College: Financial aid for students attending community colleges.
  7. Scholarships for Graduate Students: Scholarships for students pursuing advanced degrees.
  8. PhD Scholarships: Financial aid for students working toward their doctoral degrees.
  9. Master’s Degree Scholarships: Scholarships for students pursuing master’s degrees.

Unique Scholarships Available for Students from Delaware

Delaware offers unique scholarships such as the Delaware SEED (Student Excellence Equals Degree) Scholarship, which provides tuition for students attending Delaware Technical Community College or the University of Delaware Associate in Arts Program, and the Inspire Scholarship for Delaware residents attending Delaware State University.

How Do I Know if I’m Eligible for a Scholarship?

Eligibility is simple to check on scholarship platforms. Each scholarship program will have a clear list of all eligibility requirements in the description. If your profile matches those requirements, then you’ll be eligible to apply. If your profile information does not match the list of requirements, the platform may block you from applying for that scholarship. That’s why it’s important to fully complete your profile information.

While applying for scholarships involves some competition, you may have better luck applying for ones that have limited eligibility requirements. Look for some opportunities specifically for your state or scholarships specifically available to those pursuing a certain major. Some scholarships have additional qualifications such as academic merit, education level, SAT score, age, etc. Always make sure to check the requirements before spending time on your application.

How Do Community Foundations in Delaware Contribute to Scholarship Opportunities?

Community foundations, such as the Delaware Community Foundation, manage a variety of scholarship funds established by individuals, families, and corporations. These scholarships support Delaware students based on various criteria, including academic interests, community service, and financial need.

What Scholarships Are Available for Delaware Students Pursuing Vocational or Technical Education?

The Delaware Department of Education offers scholarships and grants for students pursuing vocational and technical education, including awards for those attending technical high schools and community colleges within the state. The Delaware Higher Education Office strives to enhance career and college opportunities for all Delaware residents through advocacy, managing programs, and providing scholarships and financial aid.


Delaware offers a variety of scholarships to help students manage the high costs of college. By applying to both general and exclusive scholarships, Delaware residents can increase their chances of receiving financial aid and reduce their reliance on student loans. With numerous opportunities available, students should take advantage of these resources to support their academic journeys.