Top Scholarships in Utah State to Apply in May 2024

Utah’s overall population is approximately 3.3 million, and there are around 212,000 students enrolled in Utah universities. As Utah’s overall population has continued to grow, so has the engagement in higher education. 2021 saw a 2.24% increase in enrollment of college students. To learn more about the Utah student population and how the growing number of Utah college students can get scholarships, continue to our scholarship guide for Utah students.

Top 10 Scholarships for Utah Students

  1. Utah Scholars Program
    • Amount: Varies
    • Details: For high school students who complete a specific course of study and meet academic requirements. This program provides recognition and scholarship opportunities.
  2. New Century Scholarship
    • Amount: Up to $1,250 per semester
    • Details: Awarded to Utah high school students who complete an associate degree by the time they graduate from high school. It helps cover tuition for a bachelor’s degree.
  3. T.H. Bell Teaching Incentive Loan Program
    • Amount: Tuition and fees
    • Details: For Utah students pursuing a teaching career. Recipients agree to teach in Utah schools after graduation in exchange for loan forgiveness.
  4. Regents’ Scholarship
    • Amount: Up to $1,000 per semester
    • Details: For high school seniors who complete a college prep curriculum and meet GPA and ACT requirements. This scholarship helps cover tuition and fees at Utah colleges.
  5. Sterling Scholar Award
    • Amount: Varies
    • Details: Recognizes outstanding high school seniors in various academic categories. Winners receive scholarships from participating colleges and universities in Utah.
  6. Hispanic Scholarship Fund
    • Amount: Up to $5,000
    • Details: For Hispanic students in Utah who demonstrate academic excellence and financial need. This scholarship supports undergraduate and graduate studies.
  7. Utah Association of Independent Insurance Agents Scholarship
    • Amount: $500 to $1,000
    • Details: For Utah high school seniors planning to pursue a career in business or insurance. Applicants must submit an essay and meet academic requirements.
  8. Utah Jump$tart Coalition Financial Literacy Scholarship
    • Amount: $1,250
    • Details: For high school seniors who demonstrate financial literacy knowledge. Applicants must complete an online financial literacy course and essay.
  9. Daniels Fund Scholarship Program
    • Amount: Varies
    • Details: For graduating high school seniors in Utah who demonstrate financial need, academic promise, and leadership potential. This scholarship covers unmet financial needs for a bachelor’s degree.
  10. Ken Garff Automotive Scholarship
    • Amount: Up to $3,000
    • Details: For Utah students pursuing a degree in automotive technology or a related field. Applicants must demonstrate academic achievement and financial need.

Utah Student Demographics

With nearly 1,000 K-12 schools throughout the state, Utah has over 613,000 K-12 students. Of these students, 72% are white, 19% are of Hispanic descent, and the other 9% consist of a variety of ethnically diverse students. While over a quarter of the students in K-12 schools are economically disadvantaged, the total percentage of children in poverty in Utah is about 10%. Compared to the national percentage of 16.8% in 2019, Utah’s child poverty level is low, with a significantly lower percentage of children in poverty than that of the overall United States.

Utah has a high school graduation rate of 92%, compared to the national graduation rate of 88%. As for college education, 34% of Utah’s population has a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Education Opportunities in Utah

The Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) consists of 9 universities. Utah is also home to 8 technical colleges, 4 private universities, and 9 other upper-level institutions. Higher education for Utah students provides different degrees and career choices, so in-state students don’t have to look far to find schools that fit their interests.

If students plan to earn a four-year degree, they can go to one of Utah’s universities, including well-known schools such as Western Governors University, Utah Valley University, and the University of Utah. Utah also offers 2-year programs, most notably Salt Lake Community College. Christian colleges, like Brigham Young University, are also available.

Costs of a College Education in Utah

In 2021, the average cost of tuition for undergraduate students attending Utah universities was listed as $4,242 for in-state students and $15,124 for out-of-state students. The average living costs range between $8,100 and $8,500 depending on whether students live on or off campus.

As high school students prepare for college expenses, they should pay attention to the cost of tuition, living expenses, and other fees, and begin saving, finding scholarship funds, and searching for financial aid early.

Student Debt in Utah

Utah has the lowest average student debt in the United States, with an average of about $18,350. Compared to the national average of $37,100, this is incredibly low. Likewise, only around 38% of college students in Utah graduate with student debt, whereas the national average is 65%. This discrepancy is due in large part to the fact that Utah’s tuition is significantly lower than the national average. For example, in-state tuition in Utah averages $4,242, while the United States has an overall average of $9,212 for in-state tuition.

Current undergraduate students in Utah have a better chance of leaving with lower debt than students in other states because of the reduced college costs.

How to Apply for Scholarships in Utah

Whether you are a high school student looking to prepare for your future, an undergraduate student currently pursuing a degree, or a graduate student earning an advanced education, there is financial aid available for you. It is never too early nor too late to begin seeking out scholarships. Look for scholarships specific to your school or community and use scholarship platforms to find more opportunities outside of your area.

There are many scholarships out there that you can look for, and it only takes a couple of steps to give you full access to exclusive scholarship opportunities. Start by creating a free account on a scholarship platform. Click on any of the scholarships listed to be directed to where you can make your account. From there, you can fill in your profile and bio to help make you eligible for various scholarships.

When seeking out a scholarship award, it can be useful to look both locally and at a wider scale. The scholarships for Utah students listed here include scholarships that apply to both of those categories, with some specific to the state of Utah and others available for students across the nation.

It can seem overwhelming with how many opportunities there are, but you can use the scholarship search page to narrow down options that are best geared toward your education level and interest. You can narrow your search on an educational basis, finding scholarships for high school students, undergraduate students, graduate students, or students of any education level. Additionally, the category tab allows you to choose subjects, interests, and experiences you may have to help you find scholarships with eligibility requirements specific to you.

Once you’ve narrowed the search, begin examining the requirements for the scholarships you are interested in, so that you don’t begin the application process for scholarships you are not suited for. Pay attention to grade point average requirements, what degree program the scholarship is open to, whether or not the scholarship is open specifically to students with financial need, and other requirements.

Prepare before submitting and put your best foot forward to impress the scholarship committee and increase your chances of receiving an award.

Additional Scholarships Students in Utah Should Consider

Every student pursuing secondary education has a choice of how they search for scholarships. Students looking to get the most out of their financial aid search should find scholarships with the most eligibility requirements that they fit. The more requirements, the fewer people will be eligible to apply, giving you a higher chance of being chosen for the scholarship.

Oftentimes donors will create a memorial scholarship that looks for students with specific characteristics that match the person they are memorializing. Specific scholarships are key for applicants looking for the highest possible success.

By exploring these scholarships and applying early, Utah students can significantly reduce the financial burden of college and focus on their academic and career goals. Good luck with your scholarship applications!