Top Scholarships for New Jersey Students to Apply in May 2024

There are currently 413,175 students enrolled in New Jersey colleges. A high 90.3% of these students are state residents, meaning that many can benefit from in-state tuition rates. Still, it’s no secret that college has become expensive. New Jersey students are not immune from these rising costs, and many are having to turn to loans.

Scholarships have become increasingly important as a result, helping students pursue higher education without taking on crippling debt. While most scholarships are open to students regardless of financial status, students with a low annual household income can also benefit from low-income grants.

Top 10 Scholarships for New Jersey Students

Here are ten scholarships specifically designed to support New Jersey students in their pursuit of higher education. These scholarships offer financial assistance based on various criteria, including academic achievement, financial need, community service, and specific career goals. By applying for these opportunities, you can reduce the financial burden of college and focus on achieving your educational dreams.

Colleges in New Jersey

Although enrollment has declined by 7.0% since 2010, the number of students enrolled in New Jersey colleges and universities has increased by 105.5% since 1970. The average graduation rate in New Jersey is 58.64%, slightly lower than the national average of 63%.

For the 2021-2022 academic year, 169 colleges and universities were active in New Jersey, including 37 public schools and 132 private schools. 22.0% of enrolled students attend public institutions. Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey—New Brunswick is one of the largest colleges in the U.S., enrolling more than 31,000 undergraduate students annually. Other great public colleges include the College of New Jersey, Montclair State University, and the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

In terms of private institutions, there are plenty of great colleges and universities to choose from. Some options include Princeton University, an Ivy League university, and Stevens Institute of Technology, known for its engineering, science, and management programs. There are also religious institutions, such as Seton Hall University and St. Peters University, both Catholic colleges.

For New Jersey residents who want to leave the state for college, there are plenty of options as well. Among all state residents enrolled in college, 36.9% leave the state to attend school.

New Jersey College Demographics

A majority of New Jersey students are female, a trend seen across the country. In New Jersey colleges, the student population is 44.24% male and 55.76% female. In terms of racial and ethnic diversity, there are 174,039 Caucasian, 54,624 Black/African American, 39,874 Asian, and 88,604 Hispanic students enrolled in New Jersey colleges.

New Jersey Students and Student Debt

New Jersey residents often struggle with student loan debt. There are more than 1.1 million student loan borrowers in New Jersey, collectively owing $43 billion in federal student loan debt. 63% of New Jersey students graduate with student debt, with the average borrower owing $35,117. This puts New Jersey on the high end of student debt, with states like New Hampshire having the highest average student debt at $39,928, while states like Utah have less overwhelming loan totals at an average of $18,344.

To lessen or even avoid crippling student loan debt, college students must consider multiple forms of financial assistance. Scholarships are one way to pay for college tuition.

The Best Scholarships for New Jersey Students

There are plenty of options to help fund your college education. State-based scholarships are great options because they reduce the number of eligible applicants and increase your chances of winning as a result. Here are some scholarships specifically for New Jersey residents:

  1. Manny and Sylvia Weiner Medical Scholarship
    • For students in a pre-med or medical school program from New Jersey or New York with financial need who want to become an M.D.
  2. New Jersey First Generation Scholarship
    • Provides $2500 to two first-generation college students in New Jersey.
  3. Valentina Vera Buyvol Memorial Scholarship
    • Awards $1,000 to any low-income high school junior or senior in New Jersey.
  4. Verve Art Scholarship
    • Annual award for a high school senior or current undergraduate pursuing an arts degree. Open to NJ residents studying drawing, painting, photography, or graphic design.
  5. Rajesh Aggarwal Scholarship for Scientific Studies
    • Helps low-income, academically deserving high school students in Massachusetts and New Jersey afford their college education.

Additional Scholarships That Students in New Jersey Should Consider

For students interested in more general scholarships, many options for financial aid can help. Scholarships without a location requirement can also be valuable.

  • Isaac Yunhu Lee Memorial Arts Scholarship
  • @ESPDaniella Debt Grant
  • Tyde Memorial Scholarship
  • Juno Better Rates No-Essay Scholarship

New Jersey Scholarships for High School Students

High school is a great time to get started on your scholarship search. Here are some scholarships that may interest high school students, especially those who demonstrate financial need:

  • “A Daring Path” No-Essay Scholarship
  • #FinancialFreedom No-Essay Scholarship
  • Lo Easton’s “Wrong Answers Only” Scholarship

New Jersey Scholarships for High School Seniors

High school seniors in New Jersey have many scholarships that could help fund their education. In addition to scholarships open to all high schoolers, those in their senior year can take advantage of even more opportunities for free tuition:

  • Sammy Ochoa Memorial Scholarship
  • Taylor Ibarrondo Memorial Scholarship
  • #FinancialFreedom No-Essay Scholarship

Scholarships for Current College Students in New Jersey

While some scholarships are only for high school students, there are plenty of options for college students as well. These opportunities include scholarships for undergraduates and graduate students, regardless of your year in school:

  • Youssef University’s College Life Scholarship
  • Finesse Your Education’s “The College Burnout” Scholarship
  • Lo Easton’s “Wrong Answers Only” Scholarship
  • “A Daring Path” No-Essay Scholarship
  • #FinancialFreedom No-Essay Scholarship
  • William M. DeSantis Sr. Scholarship

Frequently Asked Questions About Scholarships in New Jersey

Are there scholarships in New Jersey for international students?

Yes! There are plenty of options for scholarships that international students studying in the US are eligible for. Although some scholarships have certain location or citizenship requirements, many general scholarships are open to international students.

How to apply for scholarships in New Jersey

Applying for New Jersey scholarships is easy! Create a free profile on and browse through hundreds of exclusive scholarship opportunities. There’s no limit to how many applications you can submit or how many awards you can win. New scholarships are posted every day, so check back regularly for new opportunities.

When can I start applying?

You can start applying for scholarships as soon as you’re in high school and at least fourteen years old. The earlier you begin, the more time you’ll have to earn funding for higher education.

How do I know if I’m eligible for a scholarship?

Each scholarship has unique eligibility requirements, which can include factors like minimum GPA, financial need, education level, or demographics. These requirements are listed in the scholarship description, making it easy to check if you qualify.

Are scholarships counted as income?

Scholarship money sent directly to the financial aid office of the winner’s college is not considered taxable income as long as the total scholarship money received does not exceed your educational costs.

By exploring these scholarships and applying early, New Jersey students can significantly reduce the financial burden of college and focus on their academic and career goals. Good luck with your scholarship applications!